Upgrade Of Older Windows OS to Newer Versions In HP Laptop

HP is the well known computer and laptop brand which has, since the inception, manufactured and distributed the best products. They have gained credibility but never really lost it. Still growing strong with every latest installment of their computer model, they work best with the Windows OS. Being another stalwart in the IT field is Microsoft, they have developed multiple successful software’s in their kitty. To name the most powerful software of their venture is Windows and they have maintained to offer the latest versions always in sync with the developing technologies.

Customers who are the loyal to the combination of HP laptop and Windows need to upgrade their systems but many of them are clueless on how to do it. HP Support can assure you the legitimate and easy steps to upgrade your laptop to the latest OS of Windows:

Upgrade Your HP laptop to the latest Windows OS:

  • first, navigate to the official website of HP
  • Click on Download Tool now
  • Launch the tool
  • Select Upgrade this PC Now and along with that create the USB or DVD media.
  • Now select Accept after reading the license terms and conditions. It might take a few seconds, so, wait for some time.
  • Now, click on the Install and let the computer copy files.
  • Next the system will reboot.
  • After the system switches on, click on Next at the login screen.
  • Now select Use Express settings > Next on the screen. This will finalise the setting and take you to the Windows 10 lock screen.
  • Next, log into your system and after a few minutes of initial setup, Windows 10 will open on your Windows desktop.

These are pretty simple and easy steps, which you can easily try at home or office. In case of any hurdles or issues in the process, give us a quick call and we will solve the issue. For assistance, call us at our HP support number +44-2038-687821. We are available at all times without any holidays, so that you can access us anytime.

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