How can Overclocking be a Solution for Fastest speed in HP Laptops?

HP Laptops are available in bulk of models, verities and cost. You just need to enter in the world of HP. Trust me you will find the product beyond their limits. Here you have choices full of products. The user can take any which suits the most to their condition. These laptops have their brand value and it’s not earned in a day or in the fantasy. They did the harsh struggle for it. The HP Laptops provide full services to the user from the buying to the replacing/repairing stage.

Here we are talking about the “Overclocking”, the experts’ team of HP Support UK defines you how it helps you to enhance the speed of the system. Sometimes, due to the pressure of processing work, the system gets comparatively slower. But to come or to reduce this problem one can try “Overclocking”; here are ways for it-

  • First, make your system “Power On”, when you will see the black-white screens on all the parts of your screens then choose “Delete” to get an access to the motherboard BIOS.
  • Now navigate the main menu of BIOS and choose the “Advanced Tools” then go to the “CPU Multiplier” tool.
  • 3. Here you need to raise one step higher for your CPU Multiplier. It should be like if it is on 4x then make it 5x. To make the changes confirm choose “F10” and make the system “Restart.”
  • You have one another option get install “Prime 95” and make it run in the system. After the 10-15 minutes later make the “Torture Test” feature enable in it.
  • There your system may get crashed during the process; it means your system is not compatible with Overclocking. In that case, make the CPU Multiplier to the previous value. Do the same as before press “F10” then make the system “Restart.”
  • 6. If in the case system not get crashed, then choose to the “CPU Multiplier” tool and enhance the value by one step. Now follow the same path “F10” and then run “Prime 95”. Now repeat this process until the system get shut down. Now set the CPU Multiplier again to the speed and set the speed then choose “F10” and restart the system.

These are some tricky steps are required to follow. If the user has any query related the same. They can contact the experts’ team of HP Helpline by ringing on the given Toll-Free no +44-2038-687821

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