How to Resolve Troubleshooting Touch Screen issue in HP Laptop

Imagine you bought a brand new HP laptop and you are excited for the new experience. But it does not respond when you move your fingers over the display. You feel cheated and want to Claim the company. We would like to suggest you some measures before you take any step further. There are possibilities that you are having issues related to technical settings. You should first refer to the manual that you have received with the device. If that does not help, follow these steps provided by HP Customer Support.

Make sure your device is Touchscreen

If you think that your gadget supports that technology, but not sure, then Search for View Pen and Touch Info. If you find that there is no Pen or Touch input available, check your product details on the website and you can also find it on the label if you do not see the words Touch or TouchSmart, it indicates that your system does not have a touchscreen. But if Your Laptop does support the feature and you are still not able to operate the settings, you can try these solutions.

Enable the touchscreen driver - Open the Device Manager from the window. Tap on the Human Interface Devices and press Right Click on the touchscreen device HID-complaint Touch Screen and click Enable. If you have enabled the driver and still it is not responding then you should update the driver.

Steps to Update the Driver

  • Go to the Taskbar
  • Tap on HP Support Assistant Icon
  • There, Click My Device and Select Updates in my PC box.
  • Navigate to the Internet Time tab, and then select Change Settings.
  • You will get the links to Update
  • Tap on the link and Update

After Updating, you will be able to activate the feature. But if you find it difficult to update it yourself, you can also ask HP Customer Care to help you in that. They will guide you properly with appropriate strides. They are working 24X7 to provide you the best customer service.

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