How to Resolve Black Screen Issue on HP Laptop?

Screen blackout is the name of a situation when your laptop does not start. There is neither light nor beep sound after booting. You find that the screen is blank or a message “Computer not start” is displayed. This issue can cause major problems if not solved accordingly. HP laptop Support UK has provided a troubleshooting method in case, the cursor is blinking on the screen. You can once try it and check if it is helpful.

Connect External Monitor

This problem might be a result of the issue with the graphics or due to back-light display. To confirm the reason, you need to allow a display test by connecting a different monitor with your computer. It would locate if the problem is with the display or with sound, vent fan, drivers, etc.

Reset the Memory Module

If the problem is with the memory module, then you will have to connect with an expert as you would not be able to do it yourself.

You will also have to understand the LED indications

These lights are there to indicate the actual fault that your system is having. One or two short blinking highlights that the hardware is perfectly alright. But the condition when the system does beep sound and unable to start, highlights major hardware issues.

Recover the BIOS

You are suggested to store a copy of previous BIOS before you upgrade to the recent version. Keep a copy into the HP_TOOLS partition in the hard disk. It will help your laptop to improve through the BIOS Recovery Feature. This feature is different from usual BIOS and is specifically designed to work for serious hardware failure.

One of the steps mentioned above would definitely resolve the issue for you, but in case you find the method irrelevant or outdated, then you should feel comfortable to Contact HP Customer Support Number +44-2038-687821 and inform the technicians about your problem, they have a very good experience of resolving

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