How to Reset a HP Laptop CMOS?

CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) is basically a chip and battery used in every HP laptop. It is located just under the memory compartment cover on the back of your device. It stores BIOS information in the memory and the battery enables the chip to retain the information even if the laptop is shut down. You can easily reset the CMOS memory by removing it from the device. But by mistake if you remove the CMOS battery when the device is turned off, then the chip will erase all the information from the memory.

Don’t panic, our team of HP Support is here for you with a complete solution through which you can remove the memory without erasing any information from it.

Follow the instruction step-by-step:

  • Firstly, switch off your HP laptop and turn your device back and pull out the main battery from it.
  • Now you have to unscrew the memory compartment cover with the help of a screwdriver and take off the cover.
  • Then slowly pull the battery out of its holder with your screwdriver and unplug the cable from it. Now wait for 30 minutes and put it back in the holder.
  • Then put the compartment cover back and screw it properly.
  • In the end, put the main battery back in your system and turn on your system. Now the CMOS memory is reset.

These are the steps explained by our experts. It is comparatively easy to do but the possibility of error can’t be neglected. So if you are facing any issue in any of the given steps or any further issue regarding this application, then give us an immediate call on our HP Service Centre London Number +44-2038-687821 to get an instant solution.

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