How to Remove Virus from HP Desktop and Laptops

HP desktops, with the strong exterior and robust interior, are still not safe from the effect of these infections. Viruses are commonly disguised as hyperlinks, pop-ups or email attachment of pictures, greeting card, audios or video file.

Use the following tips to help keep your computer safe from the virus, spyware, and malware:

1. Enter the Safe Mode

  • Switch your system on and off repeatedly. Hold the F8 button multiple times when something is visible on the screen. The continuous pressing of F-8 will redirect the system to the advanced boot option. In the page, choose the safe mode with networks and click the enter key. Detach the internet from the system.

2. Delete the Temporary Files

  • As you are in the safe mode, you must delete the temporary files using the disk cleanup tool. Go to the windows icon and access the entire applications in the page. Choose the accessories and system tools thereto for getting the disk cleaned up. From the file section, scroll and remove the selected temporary files. Eliminating these files might speed up the scanning of virus that you are intended to do in future which could make the virus eliminated from the system only if it was programmed to start when your system boots up.
  • Are you able to remove the temporary files? If you need the help of certified technician who is there to bring an easy solution to your doorstep, just reach HP Technical Support for a technician to assist you with the matter.

3. Load a Virus Scanner into the System.

  • The two type of virus that can scan and remove the Trojans are real-time and on-demand. While the operations are still on-going, a real-time scanner diagnoses the viruses in the base.
  • Unlike this, an on-demand OS scanner like Microsoft Safety demands to be run manually every time the user desires the software to get scanned.

4. Run a Virus Scan

  • First, begin with running the on-demand scanner and then the real time. At least one of the antiviruses must be able to identify the virus and remove it. Running both of them increases the odds of success.
  • After the attempts of above ways, some viruses can be removed manually. This must only be attempted if you are experienced at using the Windows registry and are aware of how to view it. If you are unsure of these, just have a contact with HP support software engineers

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