How to Disable or Enable Internet Time on HP PC windows 7

HP laptop is very popular among people due to its hardware quality and also for its durability. They are famous for their design as well. However, people may confront common issues sometime due to several reasons.

Computer clock problem in a HP laptop can be due to software, hardware, or driver issues. Well, it’s not important to know the reason behind the issue; an important thing is to know the solution of this problem which is useful with the help of HP Support.

So, let’s move forward towards the solution:

  • Select the shown hours in the taskbar and then select the blue link Change date and times settings.
  • Now, click Change time zone and verify that the correct time zone is selected.
  • Put a checkmark next to Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time if it is not already selected. Click OK button after doing this
  • Navigate to the Internet Time tab, and then select Change Settings.
  • If you are asked to enter the Admin password, type it for the confirmation.
  • Thereafter, change the settings of Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server:
  • Remove the checkmark from this option if it is already checked.
  • Place the checkmark beside this option if it is not checked.
  • Select the OK button and then reboot the system.

Check the computer clock to see if the issue persists. If it is accurate, you are done. Otherwise, finish these steps again to reset the internet time settings back to its original condition.

Update the BIOS if the problem is not resolved. It may fix your issue of timings. If the problem is still the same, then contact HP Support UK Number +44-2038-687821 to get an instant support for your laptop. Connect with us to get the help from the proficient engineers and technicians. We are happy to serve you at anytime when you have trouble. The technician will give you step-by-step instructions for the solution. Whether, it’s a software problem or hardware barrier, we can solve it all.

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